Flick a Switch for Earth Hour 2018

The world’s biggest movement to protect the organic spaceship we call Earth.

If you’ve been wondering if Earth Hour is still a happening, rest assured, it is. And with the likes of the Petronas Towers, Golden Gate Bridge, Parthenon, and even the Sydney Harbour Bridge regularly getting involved, Earth Hour isn’t just happening, it’s flourishing. And it’s a good thing it is, because Earth Hour just happens to be the world’s biggest movement to protect the blue and green organic spaceship we call our planet.

For those in the dark, Earth Hour is a global crusade for positive change organised by the WWF in which hundreds of millions of people around the world flick light switches to create awareness about energy consumption and climate change. And no, WWF isn’t the World Wrestling Federation, it’s the World Wide Fund For Nature, aka the panda logo hippies love sticking on their cars.

What started as a Sydney lights-off event in 2007, now encompasses over 7,000 cities in 187 countries. The usual Earth Hour practice is for individuals, communities, landmarks and businesses to go “lights out” for one hour on a set night in March. This year, however, there will be a whole range of #Connect2Earth themed events that focus on the massive threats to our biodiversity due to climate change – a topic especially relevant in Australia.

For such a big and powerful symbol of commitment to the planet, it’s pretty easy to get involved. Do your bit, flick a switch (surely, that’s next year’s hashtag?). Otherwise, you can check out the range of Earth Hour events around the country.

A few standouts

Earth Hour at the Observatory (Syd) – One of the best views in Sydney as the city goes into black-out mode is the one you get while sitting on Observatory Hill.

Brekkie with the Birds (Can) – Local bird expert, Nicki Taws, leads a spritely morning walk and talk through The Pinnacle Nature Reserve to learn more about the native beaks.

Earth Hour Planting Event (Melb) – Planting trees is an obvious step toward helping the planet, it’s also quite therapeutic. Get down and dirty with this community planting session.

When: 8:00 pm Saturday 24 March

Where: Worldwide

words by niall roeder

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