Worth Billions

By Benjamen Judd

The 4.5 Billion store in Darlington is like a secret shop of amazingness. The shop floor is a mixture of fashion, accessories and restored 1950’s bikes that are all restored and brought back to life on site.

It was opened up back in 2011 by Ray Cook to launch his own jewellery range, How Typical of Metal. The interior looks exactly how you would imagine a minimalist blacksmith’s space would – concrete floors, blank canvas walls and exposed wires everywhere.

Cook’s jewellery looks like the remnants of a Victorian era farm – industrial and heavy duty. This latest collection by Cook is in particular on the darker side, inspired by the death of one of his closest friends whilst on holiday in India.

Cook also stocks a limited range of clothing in the store. Local labels such as Serpent and the Swan, House of Humility and Alice Nightingale fill the shelves, adding an interesting dimension and colour to the scarcity.

One interesting note to mention is you are more often than not able to find Cook himself, hard at work in the store either designing new jewellery or working on fixing up bikes.

Get behind this one people and support some genuine local talent!

4.5 Billion is located at 116 Lawson Street, Darlington, Sydney.


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