We Love T.V

By Benjamen Judd

Melbourne based label, T.V, have released their latest collection and we’ve been flicking through it. Credit where it’s due – it’s really good.

Monika Tywanek & Ingrid Verner established the ready-to-wear brand T.V. back in in 2006. The two ladies first met whilst finishing their respective degrees at the Melbourne’s elite design school, RMIT. Since then, the duo have enjoyed both local and international success, gaining recognition as much for its sculpted knitwear, technical tailoring, graphic prints and artisan collaboration as much as it has for their custom made garbage bags used to package their clothes (which we may or may not have used once as carry-on luggage when flying; Lena Dunham, you can eat our poo we did it first.).

This latest season is based upon a palette of neon colours clashing in conflicting compositions that make for a psychedelic summer ahead. Skirts are given a bit of extra volume and there is even a nice nod to French provincial with a calf length pinafore.

To have a look at this season’s assortment, and get information on stockists, head to the T.V website here.

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