Smiley jewels.

By Benjamen Judd

It takes roughly five years to make it as a lawyer. And no one really likes them.

Mrs Smiley’s, however, is the culmination of five generations of jewellers and watchmakers. And we love them. Mrs Smiley learnt her craft from her watchmaker father, giving it some tweaks here and there, to create a line of vintage inspired old world jewellery. All of the jewellery is hand-made by Mrs Smiley herself. Some of the lockets are in fact vintage originals that Mrs Smiley has applied her own finishing touches, such as her signature blue patina or hand-written engraving.

The pieces are made mostly from brass, giving them a nice antique, inherited-from-your-grandma look. These are a cute and perfect little Christmas gift to pop into the stocking for someone you want to butter-up in the New Year (yes, that does mean us – butter away) or even to treat yourself for a year well spent.

Some personal favourites are the Square Bird Charm for $15; The vintage Rabbit locket in the worn black finish for $59; and the Life is an Adventure Oval locket compilation in the blue patina for $129.

For more information on Mrs Smiley’s, and to buy her goods online, head to her website here.

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