By Benjamen Judd

Music has had an influx of Joni Mitchell-esque sirens recently. Maybe it has something to do with that whole nostalgia for pre-technology dominated times thing but it also may be that, at the end of the day, Joni Mitchell and her ilk actually made some pretty damned good music. Something that Sydney-based musician, Iluka, is also pretty damned good at.

After winning the 2013 First Break competition earlier this year, Iluka has been hard at work putting that win to good use including the release of her EP, Glory Days.

With a face like Bardot and the whisky pipes of Springfield, Iluka is the kind of music that wafts over the radio like a honey-based wine (is that even a thing? if it’s not it should be). And we think this young lady is going to be something to look slash listen out for. Particularly since she will be touring here at the Gold Coast on August 2 at the Loft. Yeah, that’s right, Iluka has hit the road and is coming to our sandy sidewalks next month.

To get your tickets to see Iluka in person and hear what we are all raving about, do yourself a favour and head here. To keep up to date with all things Iluka and have a listen to a selection of her tunes, head here. To see an adorable puppy, head here.

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