KickArts presents site specific work from the Artists of Kuranda Arts Co-op.

Sentinels 145° 38’14.17″ E, 16° 50′ 08.63″ S is an exhibition of site-specific work from 10 selected artists of the Kuranda Arts Co-Op, that embodies our one-to-one relationship with nature. The source location is the immediate area of Big Penda trees in the Barron Falls National Park, a site rarely visited except by locals in-the-know about its exact position.

Curator of the exhibition, Jill Chism, asked the artists to approach working from the ‘site’ in a particular way, including allowing the site to speak for itself without the intellectual impositions we are inclined to impose on it. “Each artist responded differently to my approach” she said. “Each had unique experiences and targeted different aspects to focus on about the ‘site’, and eventually in some cases, choosing materials that they hadn’t necessarily used previously”

Dates: Monday, 23 Sep 2013 – Saturday, 2 Nov 2013

Times: Mon to Sat 10am – pm Exhibition Opening: 6pm Friday 27 September

Venue: Gallery 2, Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns

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