Yum, rum!

Here are a coupe of our faves. Some boozey treatments go beyond the wine rack and feature the likes of Bourbon, Rum and even Tequila.  Take a look at these innovative concoctions

Location: Vail, Colorado

This spa has created a whole menu of services featuring beer, which is said to have an array of skin healing properties. The Amber Ale Foot Soak includes a beer foot bath, a scrub with crushed barley and malt, and a massage with hop-infused oil, while the Stout Scalp Treatment moisturizes and balances PH-levels with a mixture made of honey and the froth from one of the label’s darkest brews. The Lava Lake Pub Scrub removes dry skin and increases circulation with a foamy, vitamin-rich scrub of sea salt and beer, followed by a warm beer bath and hop-oil massage. Filled with nourishing vitamins, yeast, and flavanoids, the Cara de Luna Black Ale Wrap cocoons you in a firming and detoxifying mix of spent grains and ale, followed by a scalp treatment and a pale ale bath.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

This Spa created a couple of treatments inspired by Bourbon. The Vintage Bourbon Massage starts with an invigorating body scrub done with a gingersnap-pecan scented mix of brown sugar and Kentucky bourbon, then continues with a relaxing massage featuring essential oils and hot stones. There are also hand and foot treatments incorporating warm, bourbon-spiked soaks. Treatments conclude with a taste of smooth, single-barrel bourbon

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