Witu Goodness.

By Benjamen Judd

Witu Goodness Neoprene is underrated. It’s the material of the future! Well, maybe not the future as it has been around for ages. But all the cool people use it – divers, photographers, equestrian mega-stars and hydroponic gardeners (yes, we know what that means). And now, Melbourne designers Elise Wilken and Natalie Turnbull do to.

Designer Elise and sculptor Natalie have come together to form the label Witu – an experiment in new uses for industrial chic fabric neoprene that mixes fashion and purpose together to create fun things. And they’re not shy about colour either. Imagine if your six-year-old sister got her hands on some paints and was asked to make a room look pretty. Yeah. That’s the idea – bright, fluorescent and a complete nod to the surf culture that really made neoprene a thing.

The thing we like most about the Witu collection is that each piece that they’ve created, whatever the purpose, they’ve managed to make it fun. We’re talking about the selection of quick-release camera straps for hard-core instagram-ers who actually own a real camera.

There is also the collection of jewellery and chains that are also made from neoprene, in the same bright colours you would expect. And the semi-circular clutches are fantastic for those nights out when you drink so much peppermint tea you’re practically falling over tables. Spill what you like on that stuff, it just washes straight off. Best material ever!

There is also a series of hand-made dip-dyed, fluorescent tote bags. These are just fun, pure and simple. Get your hands on one!

For more information, and to buy online, head to the Witu website here.

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