We’re F!nk-ing

By Benjamen Judd

F!nk is a bit of an institution within the design world. Not only are they stocked in international art institutes such as MoMA in New York and the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra – the label is behind some of the most famous household items of the past decade. The iconic F!nk water jug and ‘squashed’ storage vessels are just two of many items that have changed the way that design is incorporated into daily life.

F!nk was launched back in 1993, by Robert Foster, who created a label that would bring in artists from around Australia to collaborate with and breathe new life into traditional lifestyle objects. “F!nk fundamentally challenges the notions that functional is necessarily boring, and that useful and visually exciting are mutually exclusive,” says Foster. “While embracing and reinventing the urban and utilitarian, F!NK is shamelessly unafraid of running with quirkiness and frivolity that captures the heart and imagination.”

One of our favourite concepts is the Coolamon Spine Tray, designed by the man himself. Foster took inspiration for the tray from the Aboriginal Coolamon – a bark vessel that was used to carry water for the tribe, transport a baby or place food into. This is a beautiful reference to one of the oldest cultures in the world whilst being a perfect example of the way of contemporary design breaking boundaries and challenging traditional items.

The Coolamon Spine Tray is available from Top 3 By Design.

For more information on F!nk, visit their website here.

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