We Love a Launch

By Benjamen Judd

Our favourite local art space, 19 Karen Contemporary, has announced a new selection of works from esteemed Australian contemporary artists Esther Erlich, Johnny Romeo, Michaela Kloeckner and Richard Denny. A quaternity of solo shows that will occupy the space at the same time, the curators at 19Karen have succeeded in creating a diverse, yet intrinsically linked, collection of artistic views.

The first of the Fab Four, Esther Erlich, is best known for her gritty style of portraiture. She has been exhibiting her figurative works since 1983 and has had a whopping 45 solo shows in her career. Johnny Romeo’s POPism is a direct conversation with Romeo’s own artistic hero, Andy Warhol. In the collection, Romeo reworks some of Warhol’s most famous artworks. The collection is an incredibly personal view in to the mind of the artist, and their perception of one of the greatest artists of the modern world.

Michaela Kloeckner is a master ceramicist who’s collection, Love Eat Play looks at the play of the humble Earthenware clay bowl. Using low heat settings, Kloeckner has been able to bring out more lustrous colours in her work, and use 24 ct gold lustre embellishments that only accentuate the erotic nature of the pieces (yep, thems legs and limbs on there).

Richard Denny explores the power of mapping and the idea of territory. Denny states that one can study a map, and understand the layout of the land, but you can only experience the territory in your mind. In this series of work, there are stories of different territories, but the only description apart from their form, are the tiles. Opening night for Esther Erlich, Johnny Romeo, Michaela Kloeckner and Richard Denny solo shows is this coming 9th November.

To RSVP, and download your invite, head to 19 Karen Gallery’s website here.

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