By Benjamen Judd

We’re no strangers to a disco. Or a rave. Or a plain old hoedown. We are pretty much fond of anything that gets our feets moving and hips swaying and drinks in our hand in fact. Doubly so if the music is good and knowing French electronic artist, Yuksek, who is confirmed at Elsewhere this coming Saturday 20 July, the music is going to be beyond.

Since his debut album, Away From the Sea, Yuksek has become a darling of the French music set including being interviewed by Le Grand Journal de Canal+. After touring for 2 years, Yuksek released his second album, Living on the Edge of Time, on June 13, 2011. This album – like the debut single On a Train – took a pop direction but Yuksek’s electronic flow was still there. Yuksek has also been involved in many other musical projects such as The Krays (with Brodinski) and Peter & The Magician.

Since then, Yuksek has performed at events such as the Big Day Out in Sydney and at the Rhythm and Vines festival in New Zealand.

This is going to be an awesome night out and one that you’ll be a fool to miss so get your tickets here.

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