Wax Heads

By Benjamen Judd

If someone gave us some candleholders as a birthday gift, we’d probably just re-gift that stuff right back. But if they were candleholders in the shape of a doll’s head we’d not only keep them, but also offer whoever gave it to us our last piece of chocolate. And that, in case you hadn’t guessed, is practically like giving blood for us.

Little Joseph candleholders are carved porcelain in the shape of a baby’s head. As the candle burns down, the wax creates a macabre and surreal hairdo across the ‘scalp’ of the candle holders.

The doll’s features are all hand-painted by Maxim Velcovsky, an artist and sculpture from the Czech Republic. Maxim has become rather infamous in the art world with his repurposed ceramic images including a dying swan platter, ceramic gumboots as pot plants and a small, intricately carved bedside clock.

Maxim’s Little Joseph candleholder baby heads can be bought online from 4M. Their website is located here.

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