Wall heads

By Benjamen Judd

What do a hippo, a giraffe, a walrus and an egret have in common? Their heads could be hanging from your wall in the very near future.

Before you go all Bridgette Bardot and call PETA on our butts, we don’t actually mean real animal heads. We mean some super cool papier-mache ones from design site Anthropologie. (And for those carnivores that thought it would be awesome to have an endangered species mounted in your living room – for shame).

Anthropologie have released a range of adorable papier-mache busts including a smiling hippo, the lanky giraffe, a walrus, and our two favourites the crane and the egret.

Ranging from $198 all the way up to a modest $1500 (yes, we like the most expensive ones – what of it?), the busts are easily mounted on the wall. The crane and egret are both one-of-a-kind creations and made from a mix of genuine feathers, ceramics and glass, hence the jump in cost.

For more information, and to buy your own wall-head, head to the Anthropologie website here.

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