Tweed Foodie Fest from 27th November

Tweed Foodie Fest was inspired after the 2011 inaugural “Foodie Friday” dinner party, which surprised organisers and attracted over 800 people.  The festival has since grown to a five day celebration of local food and food culture, with events and activities across the Tweed region.

Agriculture and tourism are key building blocks of the Tweed Shire economy and this festival supports and promotes both.

Despite agriculture being one of the main land uses in the Tweed Shire, much of the food produced here is not consumed locally, but exported to other regions.  As the population grows and the cost of petrol and other fossil fuel-based farm inputs increases, there will be inevitable flow-on impacts on food affordability, especially where it has to travel large distances from paddock to plate.

Tweed Foodie Fest aims to educate both locals and visitors about where their food comes from, how it is produced and why it is important to support local industry.  It seeks to create fun experiences that provide a meaningful connection with food; whether through an informative farm tour, a cooking class or a delicious meal based of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

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