To Ellery and Back

By Benjamen Judd

A quick survey around the QT office and we are quite shocked at the difference in ratios between Sydney born-and-bred-ers and those who moved to Sydney from ‘Elsewhere’. Every city has its own personal charm but Sydney really does have a magic all of its own that seems to attract people of all sorts like some sort of great big multi-purpose magnet.

And we like it this way because otherwise we might not have the luck and blessing of being able to call Perth born designer, Kym Ellery, as one of our own now. After studying fashion design in Perth, Kym then spent time in London at the illustrious Central St. Martins, where she honed her skills in illustration. Upon returning to Australia and moving to Sydney, Kym first started making sure hers was the name on everyone’s lips whilst at the same time working for Russh magazine before launching into her own label, Ellery. It was only going a matter of time before she took the fashion world by storm…

Kym’s immense creative drive and dare we say avant garde style comes through in her collections, which includes lengthened blazers with leather lapels. Or asymmetrical cocktail dresses in rose and yellow gold using almond silk wool. Or sculptured jackets that harken back to the Westwood Pagan days but with more taste and less angst.

For more information, and to buy her latest collection online, visit the Kym Ellery website here.

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