THE REVEAL: Designs for a new Gold Coast Cultural Precinct.

As the Gold Coast prepares to host the world at the 2018 Commonwealth games, 3 internationally selected teams were shortlisted to present their plans for our own cultural precinct. Final proposals have been submitted and the winner will be featured at an exhibition of entries at the Arts Centre Gold Coast where the team’s visions will be portrayed through animations, drawings and models. Designs will include a New Arts Museum, a Living Arts Centre and a landscaped Artscape which will become our natural civic gardens, as well as a green bridge to Chevron Island.

To get a glimpse into the designs and architecture of Gold Coasts soon to come Cultural Precinct pop into the Arts Centre on the following dates:

DATES: Saturdays 23 Nov, 30 Nov, 7 Dec
TIME: 3.00pm

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