Tea With the Mister

By Benjamen Judd

We consider ourselves quite the lucky bunch here in the QT offices. It’s not often you get a group of people working together who all share the same dorky sense of humour – like watching videos of baby animals sneezing, bad grammar in menus and sarcastic cartoons. However, like all offices, no matter how much love there may be in a room, there are a few little things that sometimes, just sometimes, set the teeth grinding. Like coming in to work on a Monday morning and finding that someone else has used your favourite teacup or coffee mug. It’s enough to make you walk straight back out, go home and sleep for the rest of the week.

Thankfully, we have found a solution in Mr. Teacup. Sir, you are a life saver.

At the Mr. Teacup’s Etsy store you can find gorgeous hand-drawn mugs, teacups and plates that are decorated with a special kind of ceramic ink that is heat cured, making sure it wont run or fade away.. Whilst there are some sweet pre-designed ceramics on offer – like the Lionel Richie teapot or the Penguin mug – Mr. Teacup also does custom orders, which means that you can basically populate your entire office with personalized mugs and plates.

These are also a great way to send a personalized message to someone that not only lasts forever but also is incredibly useful…like ‘the garbage goes out on Tuesdays’ (yes, we know someone who did just that to their husband’s coffee mug).

For more information, the Mr. Teacup Etsy store can be found here.

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