By Benjamen Judd


Honestly, how the volleyball scene in Top Gun didn’t get that film nominated for a hundred Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and all of the awards is beyond us. It was cinematically perfect, and probable one the rare times that Tom Cruise actually method acted…hint hint. Either way, it left such an impact on our own impressionable minds that we have obsessed with the sport ever since. Which is lucky because this weekend marks the 14th anniversary of the annual SLAM Beach Volleyball Festival.

Officially launching on Saturday, February 1st, the SLAM Beach Volleyball Festival returns this summer with its unmistakable energy breathing fresh life into Australia’s active beach culture. During it’s run SLAM will visit 5 of Australia’s favourite beaches including our very own Surfers Paradise Beach near Hanlan Street and will blend some friendly competition with a chilled beach party.

SLAM is the largest volleyball festival in the Southern Hemisphere attracting 3000+ amateur competitors keen to simply ‘have a go’ or really show off their volleyball talents. The round robin competition determines three skill set divisions from highest to lowest within; The CUP, PLATE and BOWL, each with prize money and sponsor prizes up for grabs.


Anyone can enter a team, no matter your skill level! Head to the website for details and early bird specials.

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