Spotlight on Shannah!

Staff spotlight on Shannah!

Shannah Fairfull – F&B Bazaar

Best thing about your job: I enjoy the diversity of my role as I love Hospitality and Tourism as well as the people you meet. The best thing about working at Bazaar is it has a fun, friendly warmth to it. I also love the transformation from setting up the marketplace to seeing it full, this really encompasses what a Marketplace should be and how it should feel.

Music: RnB, Hip Hop and Reggae. Some might say I’m a gangsta, but really Im just me.

Drink of Choice: Patchwork Shiraz, Im a sucker for a good Red.

Dish of Choice: Bazaar’s Poached Scallops and Seafood Sauce

Best way to spend the weekend: Relaxing by the beach, Training, photography,

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