By Benjamen Judd

Powerhouse of manhood and luxury taste, Tom Ford, recently released of ‘musts’ for men that included everything from being good at a particular sport, a signature cologne and saving up for perfect teefs. We’re not dissing this list, far from it, but we will take some of his advice with a grain of salt and some tequila. There was however one particular commandment that we whole-heartedly agree with and that is a wardrobe filled with the essential white shirt.

Jil Sander once said the simple, white shirt was the epitome of civilised style (and considering her particular emphasis and continual perfecting of this ‘simple’ garment in her collections, we are not surprised she should feel so). It is also one of the most enduring, versatile and reliable items that any wardrobe can have – for both men and women.

And so we introduce you to the immensely talented Sydney-based designer, Vivien Shen and Vivien’s label Ä (pronounced ‘air’). A graduate from Sydney’s University of Technology, Vivien’s speciality was the mastery of the traditional white shirt – which she did by completely deconstructing it and the rebuilding it from scratch, adding the option of a detachable five-style option collar that you could change according to your needs.

After showing a collection of her designs at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney, Vivien has now returned back to the studio to start work on her made to measure range – which is exactly how you should buy your shirts. A well-tailored shirt should move with the body, as opposed to simply sitting on it.

For more information on Ä and to contact Vivien, head to her website here.

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