By Benjamen Judd

To quote one of our favourite movies of all time, Empire Records, music is the glue that holds the world together. It’s the one art form that can unite people from all walks of life, can soothe the savage beast and inspire the hearts of men and so on and so on. To put it simply – music is important and you should listen to as wide a variety of it as possible and enrich your life.

One of the greatest things of being located on the Gold Coast is the enormous variety of musical talent that tours the region. In particular the festivals. Between the ocean and perfect sunsets, the Gold Coast is the perfect venue. And the Blues on Broadbeach is the perfect event for you to get your groove on.


Starting this May 23rd and wrapping up on the 26th, the Blues on Broadbeach festival is one of Australia’s most iconic blues festivals.  The festival is renowned for nurturing Australian Blues talent as well as providing a stage for international acts. The best part is that the Blues on Broadbeach provides a musical experience for everyone whether they be a finger-snapping blues nut or a complete newbie to the scene looking for a great evening filled with tunes and culture whilst still remaining a FREE and non-ticketed event.


This year features a fantastic mix of new and old-school acts such as Jon Stevens, The Black Sorrows and Ian Moss mixing it with Phil Emmanuel, Vanessa Amorosi, and the Transvaal Diamond Syndicate.


For more information and to view the full program of events, head to the Blues on Broadbeach website here.

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