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Spa Etiquette and preparation tips

To help you get the most out of your spaQ experience we have some sure-fire tips to help make the experience memorable for all the right reasons.


  1. It is super hard to relax if your mind is still abuzz so our number one tip is to arrive early.  This gives you time to still your mind ahead of your experience.  We can help you relax too if you arrive early with a delicious cup of tea and a magazine in our relaxation area.
  2. Arriving early for a massage is very important to allow for a relaxation session in our Hammam-inspired steam room.  This helps stimulate circulation and relaxes the muscles.  Hot showers are also beneficial – not to mention much appreciated by our therapists!  There’s no need to wash your hair though as a full body massage generally includes a scalp massage with warm oil. Divine!
  3. If you’re having a facial, try to arrive wearing as little make up as possible to minimise the time spent on make-up removal.


  1. If you’re booked in for a body wraps or scrub, we recommend that you don’t shave on the same day.  That’s because your skin will be a little more sensitive than usual.


  1. For waxing appointments we recommend you exfoliate the area the day prior and clean the area before arriving for your appointment.  This allows the hairs to be removed more easily.


  1. Allow 4 weeks hair growth between waxing appointments to give the hair enough time to go through a full growth cycle.  This results in longer lasting waxing results.


  1. Out top tip for the perfect pedicure is to wear open toe shoes.


  1. Removing your polish before a manicure or pedicure is just as beneficial as removing make-up ahead of a facial. This gives your therapist more time to spend on the nail work, exfoliation and our favourite part of all – the foot and hand massage!


When you work in the Spa industry, all you want is for your guests to look and feel amazing whilst in your care.  We hope that if you follow our tips ahead of your next visit to spaQ, you experience an even greater feeling of QT bliss.

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