Pop Princess Kate Alexa

She is showbiz royalty. She is a babe. She is a delight to spend time with, and she has a gorgeous muso boyfriend (Wayne Pitt from the band ‘Fangs’). Usually Kate Alexa would have us wearing big ‘ole green-eyed-monster ¬†glasses and hoping that she would at least have oddly shaped feet or something (she doesn’t by the way. They are also perfect), but this girl is so darned nice that you can’t help but push the green eyed monster back down into its rattly cage and be happy for her.

Kate is the daughter of the daddy of Australian music, Michael Gudinski, and sister to Matt Gudinski who, along with his business partner Adam Jankie (of Illusive Entertainment), are revolutionising the playing field for Australian home grown artists like the cheeky boys from Bliss’n’Eso, through their mega international clout and some real tenacity.

Holding your own in a country that just loves to throw bouquets of tall poppies at the genetically and creatively blessed, adding to it a special pinch of real cattiness when it comes to those who have also been given the extra leg up of a legendary lineage, can be a mega feat in its own right. Making a real career out of music when people can’t see past your last name is also an incredibly big challenge. You’d think Kate would get sick of hearing about it, and get stroppy when all questions lead back to her family. But she doesn’t… because she adores them, and is 100% grateful for everything they do for her. Isn’t that the cutest!?

Kate Alexa has a well honed voice, a rocking bod, and a real ear for the wants of the current pop scene. She has a winning way about her that makes you want to be around her, and this is what really separates her from the pack of starlets in Australia. She doesn’t need to shout it from the rooftops who her people are, because she is lovely and creatively progressive enough to stand on her own two feet. She also doesn’t need to throw the weight of her fame around when she is hanging out at QT, which is another reason why we love this girl.

She’s working on a new album, and we say get on board, ’cause this is one sweet soul.

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