Pinterest is king.

By Sas Rowlands.


If you are like the rest of the world and are getting sick of facebook but can’t bring yourself to delete your page, Pinterest may be a great way to share out your online hours and dilute your FB stalking time.

Pinterest is a cool site built on the premise of sharing images (rather than status updates like twitter and Facebook were originally built on) and gives to access to search key words and share the images that you find in a seamless and pretty environment.

It is being touted as mostly for the ladies, though I do know a few guys who particularly love the access to interesting design and architecture snapshots from all over the world.

We share images from our there hotels, and also search the site for images that other people have taken of our properties, then share these in our own online albums. It’s a really cool way to see how you guys view our hotels and brand through your own eyes. We really love it when we find our pics in albums titles ‘cool hotel spaces’ and ‘dream design’. Music to our ears!

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you should. Even if you are a guy. You might be surprised with what you find interesting!

To find QT Hotels and Resorts on Pinterest, click here.

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