Pimms Punch recipe from Stingray Lounge. Delish!



10 x lemons (sliced)

10 x lemons (squeezed and strained juice)

8 x limes (squeezed and strained)

5 x cucumbers (skinned)

5 x oranges (sliced)

4 x limes (sliced)

5 x punnets strawberries

1 x small bucket ice cubes

6 x bottles 700ml PIMMS

9 x litres lemonade

2 x bottles martini prosecco



Served out of the IRD glass lemonade containers ( the one’s that are set up for hotel guests in the foyer).

As they have small pouring taps we can turn them off/on for each drink. We could also scoop some fruits into each plastic cup.



Slice all fruits

Skin the cucumber

Squeeze juice of 10 lemons and 8 limes

Mix all fruits in a bowl


Mix the lemonade and PIMMS


Just before event add all ingredients together in the lemonade glass containers.

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