Our people - Jarryd Goundrey.

Name: Jarryd Goundrey

Title: Apprentice Chef
Country of Birth: Australia
Education: Lynwood High School, Perth
Favourite Stingray Drink: Maple Treacle (tastes like a pancake)
Favourite Bazaar Meal: The Pork Belly from the live Asian Station
What I love about my job: Firstly the cool surroundings are very refreshing particularly in a kitchen environment as I get to come out and activate the live stations from time to time. Working with great people and very knowledgeable one’s is also a plus, I’m loving learning all the ins and outs of being a top chef. The QT brand is like no other, vibrant, evolving, busy, busy, busy. More importantly the work environment enables me to be creative and put forward ideas.
Hobbies: Cricket, cooking, football, Stingray Cocktails, relaxing at the end of a work week
Muisc: Ok here we go the boys will rip me about this but I love QUEEN and all Aussie Rock! (Do I still have a job???)

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