Our people - Greg Benney!

NAME: Greg Benney

BORN:  South Africa

EDUCATION: I have studied a broad range of areas including: Business Management, Advanced Pastry, NVQ 1234


FAVOURITE STINGRAY COCKTAIL: I’m more of a crafty beer and cider man! Give me an apple cider any day after a long day at work.

FAVOURITE BAZAAR MEAL: The new ork and Chicken Sanchoi Boi

WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR JOB: Development and learning new skills in the hospitality sector, the buzz as our Hotel is always buzzing full of groups enjoying our creations and the team!

HOBBIES: MMA, Fitness, Ice Hockey, Union, spending time with family and friends whilst having that crisp cold ale!

MUSIC: Being in the kitchen has made my music taste gravitate towards Hard and Fast Techno and Trance! It’s better than coffee…

WHAT EXCITES ME: The future of this company as it is forever growing, it’s quite exciting to be involved in the F&B department.

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