Our people - Chris Barnes

Christopher Barnes – Manager of Audio Visual & Digital Design

Mr. Barns, how long have you been with QT Gold Coast Hotel?

About and a half years now

And you have changed roles once or twice during that time if I am not mistaken?

Yes, I was hired in September 2012 as a Night Audit Manager and spent about six months doing that. There was then an opening into the day shift to be a Duty Manager. Did that for way too long and just as my mental capacity to handle the position had reached its bitter end, Andrew (hotels GM) snaked me up for a new project to manage in-house audio visual and have been doing that ever since.

Where in the states are you from?

I’m from Portland, Oregon. Most people ask me what state the city of Oregon is in; Oregon is a state… It’s North West just above California. Very beautiful place to be

Do you miss it?

I do miss it on occasion but I really enjoy living here in Australia

Do the Aussies give you a tough time for being a Yank?

Yes and no. I don’t think I come off as a typical American – loud, obnoxious, etc – so most people don’t realize it at first. But I get a lot of flak for not understanding Aussie idioms or liking typical Aussie things. Then they realize and call me names. It’s led to more tears than my 8 years in grade school.

What brought you to Australia

Like all great mistakes that men have made in the past, it was for a woman. But, on the flipside of that it did bring me to Australia finally. I always wanted to come here and live but just didn’t get around to it until then. I thought I would have only been here a year or so and have now been here a little over 3 years and looking forward to spending the rest of my life living in Australia.

Yes, this beautiful countries people and weather makes it hard for us North Americans to leave doesn’t it… Thanks for the interview Chris, and good luck with your new role!

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