Our People! Ashleigh Sebire

STAFF PROFILE: Ashleigh Sebire – Breakfast server


So you worked in Bazaar restaurants breakfast service over the weekend; see any rockstars from Big Day Out?


No. Well maybe. I saw lots of people with tattoos!


What’s you favorite Bazaar breakfast dish


Anhs omelets, she does the best omelets….


What does your omelet look like?


Mushroom, spinach, ham, chorizo, onion, leek, shallots; it’s all about the shallots.


That sounds delightful. Any plans to go travelling in 2014?


Yes, well I don’t know, I want to do Europe. I wanted to live in England but I don’t really like old things…. England’s like “haunted” old.


So you’d like to find somewhere “semi-old” to travel?


Yes; Australia’s good but I don’t want to live here forever; it’s too hot for me (Ashleigh is from New Zealand). I hate the cockroaches, I don’t like the big spiders, I hate sweting in my sleep, and I don’t like having to put my make-up on in the morning and it melt off me like the wicked witch of the West upon hitting sunlight.



I have the same problem, but with sun-block; frustrating. You come off as someone who possesses a few secret talents


Hmmmmm…… I don’t think I have ANY talents! I’m really good at coming up with “would you rather” questions around the restaurant to keep things interesting. For example, would you rather cross paths with a shark or a bear?


Bear. Thanks Ashleigh

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