By Benjamen Judd


We love a solid success story. Especially when it comes to the creative industries where often it’s a matter of who you know (or screwed) as opposed to what talents you have.


Brisbane-based independent label, House of Cards, is one such success that resulted from honed skills, creative ingenuity, and good old-fashioned chutzpah.


House of Cards designer, Ashiya Omundsen studied graphic design and photography at the Queensland College of Art before she decided to apply said creative design skills and photographic eye to her love of sewing to create clothing and jewellery label. And thus, her colourfully wonderful label House of Cards was born.


Previous collections have seen Ashiya hand-dye all her own fabrics, creating unique and original fabric patterns for each season. This season’s collection, Lagoon Lovers, has a strong 60’s feel to the range. Expect to find exaggerated collars with a selection of jersey tees and skivvy dresses which offer a more relaxed element. There is even an adorable plastic flamingo that can be found on one skivvy dress. For outerwear during the cooler seasons, Ashiya has created a cape coat and open jacket, as well as some limited-run velcro-strapped platforms.


For more information on House of Cards, and to buy the current Autumn Winter Collection online, head to the website here.

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