By Benjamen Judd

What do biology, horticulture, medical research and tiny crochet marine life have in common? One woman, and thy name be Helle.

Situated in the stunning backdrop of NSW’s Northern Coast, Helle Jorgensen is the creator of some truly wonderful little bits of craft. She calls her creations a study of materials and form, which is only to be expected from someone who has an education in biology and worked in medical research and horticulture before plying that scientific mind to creative endeavours.

Helle’s tiny crochet’s are inspired by the natural world around her, particularly that of marine life (which, considering the wonders of Byron Bay and the surrounding beaches is not surprising at all).

The process is one that is incredibly labour intensive, and Helle’s creative process is based upon spontaneous ideas and interaction with the material.  Each work evolves very intuitively through Helle’s endless experimentation with different techniques and materials and the materials vary from repurposed plastic bags, to hand-wound twine created using natural plants and fibres.

Her Etsy store is a combination between a walk along the beach and delving in to an avant garde craft project – you’re never really sure what you’re going to find and it’s all a bit of a treasure hunt in the end.

For more information on Helle, and to buy her creations online, check out her blog Gooseflesh here

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