Oldskool Chatterbox

Remember these? The hours spent in class deciding your classmates fortune or challenging them to the dreaded ‘truth or dare’. These paper Chatterboxes are one of the simplest origami tricks to master and we’ve included some easy refresher tips so that you can relive the glory days:

1 sheet of paper
Coloured pencils

1) Take a piece of A4 paper. Take one corner and fold it down to create a triangle.

2) Then fold along the rectangle piece left over and cut or tear it off from the triangle.

3) Unfold the triangle so that you now have a square with a crease running diagonally down the centre. Fold so that there is a matching diagonal line going in the other direction.

4) Unfold again, and then begin folding each corner into the centre of the square. When you’re finished you should have another, smaller, square.

5) The Chatterbox is now finished. Slide your thumbs and index fingers into the four pockets and push against them to puff out the Chatterbox. Lay the Chatterbox flat again and colour each of the outer squares with a different colour.

6) Open it up and write numbers on the inside from 1 – 8.

7) To play, put the Chatterbox on your fingers and get a friend to pick a colour. Open the Chatterbox back and forth, once for each letter of the colour. Then get a friend to pick a number, once again, open it back and forth for the amount of times they’ve chosen.

8) Get them to pick another number and then open up that flap. You can write truths or dares inside each flap and whichever one they open they have to complete.


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