No lights, no lycra, no fear

No Lights No Lycra boasts everything your average dance class does not.

NLNL is a non-competitive dance space where participants are invited to burst out of the confines of modest dancing and unleash their wildest, dorky and most uncoordinated moves all in the name of self-expression.

Spawned in 2009 by Melbourne dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett, there is no lycra, no lights, no instructor and no steps, just pure musical anarchy.

African dance instructor Diana Raczek and wellness coach Anna Crommelin have teamed up to coordinate the Gold Coast’s own NLNL dance party, which kicked off at Miami’s Rabbit and Cocoon in October this year.

“The heart of No Lights No Lycra is the belief that everyone can dance”, said Diana.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, coordinated or not – you’re in a happy environment and a dimly lit room full of people just like you.”

Aside from the freedom of self-expression, dancing has proven to be beneficial for both your physical and mental health. In an age where spare time is rare and schedules are tight, No Lights No Lycra offers your fix of exercise, music and playtime all within the one-hour event.

To keep in the loop on upcoming events and request your latest jam for the next dance party, follow NLNL Gold Coast at


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