By Benjamen Judd

The Midnight Juggernauts are one of those bands that we have managed to keep up with despite our own impending ageing crisis. And we like that we have been able to do so, because it makes us feel like we’re still edgy like that.


Anyway, this month the Midnight Juggernauts are celebrating the release of their latest single, ‘Ballad of the War Machine’ from their pending 2013 album by performing at the Oxford Art Factory. The new single has been dubbed as the most pure pop song to be released by the band whilst at the same time one of the most peculiar – the video has already polarised not a few people (most notably the Russians, where the video was filmed).


Released in a series of short vignettes not attributed to the band, it was instead presented as an eccentric Russian art-pop band performing on a Soviet state-run music program from 30 years ago. The separate videos were then spread widely across various blogs, websites and discussion boards everywhere from Moscow to Montevideo.


“Ballad of the War Machine” marks the band’s long-awaited return, their first output for three years following their previous albums Dystopia and The Crystal Axis, and their performance at the Oxford Art Factory on Saturday, April 20, will be one to test how far they have come with their music.


Tickets to the event are available from here.


The Oxford Art Factory is located at 38-46 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.


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