Mesha Sendyk: A higher level of consciousness at the Anthea Polson Gallery

The Anthea Polson Art Gallery sits snugly within the Marina Mirage complex. It’s stark white walls form the perfect canvas for modern international and local artworks that are chosen to help the viewer subvert their reality through the introduction of unfamiliar objects and images.

An artist that sits firmly within this expectation, and definitely puts forward a unique point of view is Melbourne artist Mesha Sendyk. Here, in her own words, Mesha explains her influences;

Language based thought dominates our view of the world, filters our understanding and often truncates our spatial and intuitive mental processes.  The natural art of the mind is alluded to and open to an experiential understanding through a suspension of common thought (paradoxically using words as the vehicle), as taught in the practice of Zen.  My text works aim to demonstrate both the bars and the spaces afforded by our self-constructed mental prison.  The very act of deciphering renders a momentary suspension of judgment in the mind of the viewer, the mental place where no language ever existed is just to the right.

c. Mesha Sendyk. September, 2009.

Make sure to find her, and other artists like her who are making a change in our world view, at the Anthea Polson Gallery.

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