By Benjamen Judd

One of our favourite films growing up (and still now as an adult) was Flashdance. The whole steelworker-by-day, self-taught dance star at night thing (a thing, might we add, that was in a bar that didn’t require the girls to get their rack out) gave us the inspiration to grow up and be who we wanted to be. Which was obviously a steelworker-by-day-dance-star-by-night.

Well, now we have a new hero. Her name is Anna Charlesworth. And she is a steelworker by day, steelworker by night and all-round amazing artist who is based in Melbourne.

Anna has worked with metals and glass since the late 80s, including a rather informal apprenticeship with Melbourne-based glass and metal artist Mark Douglass, of the ‘Whitehall’ collective of artists based in Footscray.  From there, she learnt on-site metalwork as well as glass etching and slumping techniques. Since the mid 90s, Anna has worked for herself, mostly on commissions that include delicately wrought iron doors, fences, screens, furniture, balustrading and light fittings. Most of the creations that Anna makes are custom made to suit individual clients’ specifications.

Personally, our favourite work done by Anna are her truly unique lighting experiences, including one based upon a cage, a pendant light that looks like a diorama of abstract shapes, and her amazing array of wall lights. On the outset they appear incredibly simple, but this is part of their charm. They are lovely additions to any room, and a great way to add a little atmosphere as opposed to some boring old lamp we’ve had to sit next to so often when visiting friends (you know who you are).

For more information on Anna, and to see her work, head to her website here.


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