Leather and spice and all things nice.


All you need to do is look at rock sensations like Lanie Lane and The Kings of Leon to see how popular the country fashion movement has become in the last five years. I’m not talking RM Williams and those silly hats. I’m talking leather, studs, and sexy boots. Red lips. High fashion statement accessories that will give your outfit the jump start it needs to go fromĀ ok to theĀ social pages in the blink of a camera lense.

Skincraftleather.com is making really beautifully crafted leather and feather pieces. Based out of Byron, and really in tune with the forefront of Australian fashion, when you put one of these binding designs around your waist, neck, or wrist, you will conjure up images of cowgirl (or boy) bondage. In a world where sex sells, a hint of leather is a nice way to give a little nod that you are naughty.

Check this site out. If they don’t have exactly what you want, ask for a custom piece. They supply pieces to some of Australias most beautiful babes, and have been know to construct feather neck pieces that shame peacocks into feeling beige!


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