Kings of Leon Gold Coast 2011 review.

Kings of Leon Wednesday 9th November – Gold Coast Convention Centre

– Presented by Frontier Touring

It’s not often that you get your sex lit on fire by bonafide rock gods on the Gold Coast, so when Kings of Leon took the stage for their highly anticipated concert on a balmy Wednesday night, you could have been forgiven for thinking that you had been transported to the bands birthplace, Oklahoma.

The rocking and genetically blessed brothers are such a juggernaut of raw sex appeal and musical talent that they seem to create a new world full of the promise of late night romps and ‘Revelry’ that their loyal punters scramble to be a part of.

It was this promise that saw the roaring crowd climbing all over themselves through the mist of firework smoke as the band belted out ‘Notion’, with lead singer Caleb delivering on all the promises that a global brand like KOL need to get right in order to keep their adoring fans travelling with them on their road to becoming one of the great super bands of our generation.

Citing The Beatles as one of their primary influences, you can see that they have certainly taken the painstaking work ethic of the 60’s icons under advisement as they move through a set that is pitch and pick perfect rock n roll. You can tell when they are hitting the high notes in one of their best tracks ‘Knocked Up’ that this is a band of brothers (and a cousin) who have worked their way to the top through innate talent, hard work and being blessed by the gods of rock.

You get the impression that they are a nice and polite bunch too, as not only did they do a full three song encore (unheard of these days for big name acts), Caleb also stayed onstage and did a massive final wave to the crowd and took it all in. He looked genuinely pleased to be there and loving the energy and vibe of the crowd.

Talihina Sky – The story of Kings of Leon (A documentary) is out now and will give those punters pining for another close up of the band their fill of these fine musos.


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