Kate and Douglas + Bec

By Benjamen Judd

If you’ve taken yourself out on a lovely stroll up Oxford Street to Paddington, you may have noticed the Kate Sylvester store. The New Zealand designer has been enticing shoppers in with her range of elegant yet simple clothes for women for over a year now.

You may have also noticed that there have been some additional products for sale in the window. Lights, chairs and desks and other good stuff for the home have been added to the Sylvester repertoire.

Kate has teamed up with fellow New Zealand creative, Douglas+Bec from Workroom to create a range of homewares that tap into Kate’s soft aesthetic. There is a distinct sense of nostalgia to the designs, with pastel fabrics teamed with lacquered woods and polished bronzes. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted in New Zealand by Rebecca ‘Bec’ Snelling’s father, keeping the design process within the family.

It is easy to see how and why Douglas+Bec ended up working with the timeless Kate Sylvester – their aesthetic is incredibly similar, with both brands enjoying a softer approach to design.

What is our favourite part of the collection? The fact that Kate has decided to really thumb her nose at current trends and use golds and pastels throughout the range. It makes things seem warmer, older and new all at the same time.

Fore more information, head to Kate’s website here.

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