By Benjamen Judd

Jordan’s CV reads like a dream. Or nightmare, if you are a competing designer. Before launching his own avant garde range of jewellery, Jordan worked at the infamous Sydney-based Kusbi, during which time he also launched his own ready to wear line. Following that, Jordan then took his already impeccable skills off to Paris for a three-year internship with Dior Homme.

Now based in London, Jordan’s work has turned towards the metallurgy of fashion, designing and making a range of high concept jewellery. We can’t praise his work enough, really. Jordan’s jewellery wears more like organic sculptures (which incidentally is yet another art form that Askill excels at).

There are currently three options to choose from – another thing we love about Jordan, he doesn’t overkill a good thing and keeps things limited – Boy; Rose; and Bird – each one a delicate and intricate replica of their namesake, with a few added twists. Rose and Boy open up like a secret locket (Boy does come in a crystal option). Bird, on the other hand, is a sweeping almost abstract shape that we have argued about endlessly – from one angle, it looks like a bat, at another a moth.

Currently, Jordan’s work is available online (if you happen to be in France, head down to the Colette Store on Rue Saint-Honore. We’re going this weekend…). For more information on Jordan and to keep to date on his work, head to his website here.

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