Jess keen to help regain bikini record!

DRESSED in a hot pink, polka-dot bikini, Jessica Young can’t keep it on the QT anymore.

The 20-year-old QT Hotel waitress has signed up for the Gold Coast Bikini Parade and has roped in some of her colleagues to try to break the world record on Surfers Paradise beach next month.

The Coast held the record with 357 bikini-clad entrants in 2011 only to lose it a year later to China’s Huluado City with 1085.

Jessica is keen to help the Coast reclaim its crown and has been busy recruiting colleagues to form a team and take part in the event.

“I was walking through the Circle on Cavill area with my mum on the weekend when we saw the Bikini Parade stand and I just got really excited and signed up straight away,” she said.

“I moved here from Brisbane around the same time the Gold Coast hosted the parade last time and I didn’t get to be a part of it, which makes me even more keen for the event next month when it’s more than twice the size.”

“I’m really competitive, so I really badly want the Coast to win this title back from China and I encourage everyone to get involved, because it would be embarrassing if we didn’t get to claim it back.

“It’s also raising money for surf lifesaving which is a good cause.”

“We are throwing the challenge down to all the surf clubs and any other groups to get involved. It is all about the Gold Coast owning what they have — fabulous beaches and gorgeous ladies.”

To register, click here or call 5531 7333. Entry is $15 for girls under 16 and $25 for over 16s.









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