It's a Big Day Out

Whether you love or hate the sweaty mess of a festival crowd, there is one undeniable fact attached to The Big Day Out;

you never, never, never see this many big bands in one space at any other time of the year for such a great ticket price.

Sometimes it’s worth it to get inĀ amongst all the beautiful babies, in their barely-there threads who are stomping riotously to the sounds of summer. You can usually get up close enough to your favourite act to feel the sweat fling from their forehead (if that’s what floats your boat), and you can almost definitely score a beanbag from which to view the more laid back acts (as the kids carry on like turkeys in the scary looking mosh pits).

QT loves festival season. We love the roar of the crowd. We also love the fact that we are now old enough to know not to overindulge on the day, and to keep nice and tidy ’cause you never know who may be in the crowd watching you wobble about!

So, if you haven’t scored your tickets to BDO on the Gold Coast for 2012, perhaps it’s time to get onto and book in for the 22nd of January and shake your money makers with the genetically blessed crowd.

Maybe you’ll even get a little bead of Kanye sweat flung at you.

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