I want some Lil John with my cornflakes!

It’s always really fun to rub shoulders with famous folk. Especially when they are larger than life rappers like Lil John. This kind of entertainment is like nothing we generate in Australia. All the grillz, gold plated canes, and some of the most fun speech patterns I have ever heard made for a very entertainment trip when he and his entourage stayed with us this .

Playing at Gold Coast night spot Sin City, Lil John is a regular on the aussie touring circuit and a favourite with the kids. He’s fun, funny, and has an uncanny way of bringing his personal brand of music (and his personal brand for that matter) to the masses.

I hadn’t heard much of his music before he got here (I’m a little less crunk and a little more croon), but when I started youtubing him I found that he has some really fun collabs with high end artists, and can really hold his own on the stage with musical greats.

When he was at QT, he was personable, polite, and very much the star.

We hope to see him soon n’okaaaye!

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