Gold Coast Brick Event, 9th and 10th November 2013

Brick Events Pty Ltd is private company whose main propose is to organise, conduct and manage exhibitions made up of Lego creations in the regional centres of Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The company is teaming up with Bricks n Fun, Brisbane’s #1 Lego Speciality Shop and the Friends of Bricks n Fun group, to assist it in liaising with AFOLs(Adult Fan of Lego) so that the exhibitions can showcase some of the amazing Lego creations, called MOCs (My Own Creations) built by AFOLs.

The Brick Events team is presently putting together an exhibition which will consist of a selection of highly detailed and superb MOCs ranging from classic Lego train layouts, Star Wars displays, Lord of the Rings dioramas, Harry Potter dioramas, Friends Heartlake City, Duploville with working trains and much much more.

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