Get Smart meets Bond with a new GPS shoe.

Great for finding your way home after a long night at the local bar, these GPS shoes will point you in the right direction.

London-based Dominic Wilcox has developed prototype shoes that utilize GPS location to guide a person to their next destination. Developed with the help of Northampton shoe maker Stamp Shoes and a technology expert named Becky Stewart, Wilcox created a pair of shoes that cleverly displays both direction as well as distance when a location has been uploaded with mapping software.

On the top of the right shoe, the wearer can view a straight line of five LED lights that gradually turn on as the wearer gets closer to a specific destination. At the beginning of the journey, the shoe starts with a single red LED light and slowly adds lights to the progress bar culminating in a green LED light at the end of the walk.

On the top of the left shoe, the wearer can view a circle which indicates the direction that a person should be walking to reach their final destination. The LED light in the middle of the circle remains lit when connected to the satellite. The LED on the outside moves around the circle and the design simulates a line pointing in a specific direction.

Interestingly, Wilcox has included a cool method to start up the GPS. Paying homage to The Wizard of Oz, the wearer only needs to click the heels together to activate the GPS.

In order to load a specific location into the shoes, the wearer must connect the shoes via USB cable to a computer and use custom software to pick out a specific destination on the map.

Called the “No Place Like Home” shoes, Wilcox added a cute illustration on the bottom of the shoe that depicts a person walking through a town. The red leather lining and red laces were chosen as a homage to Dorothy’s red ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. 

 (If only they could order you a taxi or drive you home, all your problems would be solved!)

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