For Gorman

By Benjamen Judd.

Since it first raised its lovely, well-made head in the charming Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy back in 1999, Gorman has been developing a dedicated cult following all over Australia. Now, thirteen years on, the home-grown brand has turned into a national fashion empire. And the beautiful thing we think is – not much has changed since these beginnings.

Head designer and Queen Bee of that empire, Lisa Gorman, has remained true to her own design philosophies and aesthetics throughout the seasons. You can tell a Gorman blouse, dress or shoe a mile away, and this is something not every brand can boast. Whilst the Gorman label has definitely grown along with Lisa, and evolved in palettes and cuts, there is something that is still essentially ‘Gorman’, and therefor ‘Lisa’, in each collection. It could be that undercurrent of ‘vintage tribal’ that runs through each collection, and the use of sheer fabrics and loose, draping cuts.

Back in 2007, Lisa also released a Gorman organics range that was created in response to increasing environmental issues. All garments in the Organics range are all harvested from either organic or sustainable farms. This has provided the fashion hungry set a more ethical clothing range without losing the cutting edge style and tailoring that is integral to the Gorman range.

This summer, Gorman has released prints. And even more prints, including asymmetrical, pop-art, psychedelic and even a smattering of animal print in shift dresses, blouses and even their shoes have been saturated in colours! We have a feeling that it’s going to be a bright summer.

Visit their website here.

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