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By Benjamen Judd

You may not feel like it right now (what idiot decided that 45 degrees was an appropriate temperature?) but in a month or two when it finally feels like we’re no longer living on Mercury, there is nothing better than some ice-cold mojitos in the backyard. Or the balcony. Or the rooftop. Or a nice little community garden. And when that time comes, you’re gonna want to make sure that you’re outdoor setting is up to scratch because we will judge you…

Jardan is a Melbourne-based furniture design team that we would turn to in a pinch for our new sexy summer settings. Jardan’s in-house design studio develops each product with a focus not only design but the highest environmental standards. Endorsed with the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) label since 1997, the company’s full range is currently accredited to the GECA Level A, the highest achievable standard.

The biggest issue when all your friends decide to come over at once is seating, and our money is on the champagne-cork inspired Stanley stool. Hand turned from reclaimed timber and available in a range of different profiles, Stanley’s versatility makes it an ideal compliment.

As reclaimed timber is a naturally occuring material every Stanley will be unique. The timber may noticeably wear and move with age, use and conditions. Made to order and finished with a UV-stable exterior grade oil. The different profiles make for good stools or serving tables, and are great for those who are lucky to have an urban jungle but are also light enough to be great to throw out on your porch. HA – we said porch. That word sucks.

For more information on Jardan, and to buy their products, head to their website here.

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