Chronicles of Moody

By Benjamen Judd.

Props where they’re due, Gareth Moody has a great name. It’s like an antidote to annoying salespeople, painful zealots or anyone else who attempts to try and win you over with an overly formal introduction. “Hello, Mr. Moody…” If he were a character from Mr. Men, he would be the one dressed all in black, draped layers worn over even blacker denim and in leather boots. In fact, if Mr. Moody were a Mr. Men character he’d be wearing Moody’s own label, Chronicles of Never.

Gareth first broke into the fashion world as part of l’enfant terrible ensemble, Ksubi. In 2005, he parted ways with the company and spent the following year working on his own label that was finally launched in 2006. As far removed from the sun and surf themed Ksubi as you could get, Chronicles of Never takes men’s clothing to a world of abstract, spatially aware shapes and structure that resembles an early Helmut Lang or even Rick Owens.

With an emphasis on draping and a thousand shades of black, Moody has challenged the traditional notion of masculine style, getting rid of the standard box-like shapes that have dominated men’s clothing and instead offering a far more angular and fluid range garments that have a slightly feral and feline feel to them. Gareth obviously knows not only designs for shapes and construction, but also the impact that clothing has on the space around them. It’s like Cubism for fashion.

His women’s range is undoubtedly just as tailored and angular as the men’s and is one of the truly androgynous collections available at the moment. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself eyeing off an item from either side of the catalogue.

The latest Autumn Winter collection is now available from online, here.

For more information on Chronicles of Never, visit their website here.

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