By Benjamen Judd

You make the decision not to wear sunglasses in Sydney at your own peril. They serve multiple purposes, not in the least to help prevent you getting unnecessary crows feet from constantly squinting in the Australian sun. They also make sure that no-one can tell you’re not listening to them when they talk to you; they help hide the fact that you’re carefully dissecting someone with your eyes; they cover up the lack of sleep you got the night before because you thought it would be a good idea to stay up until 4am watching every Nightmare on Elm Street (even the second one and that shit-awful remake); and finally, they look good. And that’s ultimately all that matters.

Cast Eyewear specialise in making eyewear that is interesting by moving away from traditionally shaped frames and lens types. The range has, come to think of it, more in common with sunglasses you would have worn as a kid, all reflective lens and big, whacked out shapes. But don’t let that for one second make you think they skimped on the details – frames are mostly a combination of acetate and steel and the lens range from a gradient grey to the bright aqua mirror affects. Yeah you want some.

To see the full collection and this season’s range, head to the Cast website, here.

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