Bring back Baywatch

We’re feeling a bit nostalgic this week and reminiscing of our favourite childhood TV shows. How could you forget this one – Baywatch?

The catchy opening song “I’ll beee thheeeerrre, I’ll be theeere”, the L.A beach scene, the red swimmers, the Hoff, Pam…hours of viewing pleasure.

From 1989 to 1999, we were graced with this addictive and deeply-loved US TV series and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was the most viewed show in the world, of all time!

Baywatch launched the careers of Pamela Anderson and post-Knightrider introduced David Hasselhoff to a whole new generation of fans. And where are they now?

Well, we’ve lived through some of the Hoff’s most personal and disturbing life moments (the drunken cheeseburger) and now his is a judge on and now a judge on a terrible, and I mean that, terrible talent contest and ‘Boobs’ following the end of her tumultuous and very public marriage to  Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, is these days best known as fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s muse. Crazy. And the others..? *crickets*

Either way we say, “bring back Baywatch!”.

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